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Have you experienced difficulty in securing hearing aids for you children?  We want to hear your story! 

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Here’s what other parents are saying…

Young girl with hearing aid
We have had miraculous success with hearing aids, but it has been a fight to get them due to insurance not covering them. It continues to be a fight for her to continue on the path of being a hearing child. I am appalled at the in justice.

– Parent, Atlanta, GA

Young boy with hearing aid
We were fortunate enough to qualify for some grants to cover half the cost, but even paying the other half out of pocket was a struggle for us. It’s unfortunate that there has to be a price attached to helping people reach their full potential, especially with how far technology has come.

– Parent, Loganville, GA

Young boy with hearing aid
Our child was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss in both ears at birth, but  it wasn’t until she was a year old that we could afford her hearing aids which were not covered by our insurance. The day we put her aids in she began to recognize beats and tunes, and she could keep time with them as well. Now she wakes up every day in search of her “ears” as she calls them then on goes the radio. We wish and hope that everyone gets to experience the difference hearing makes.

– Parent, Stockbridge, GA

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